When Armchair Travel Leads To Real Travel

This past weekend I had the chance to watch the pilot episode of Outlander, the new series based on the book of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. You can watch the trailer here. It is about this woman from the 1940s who gets transported back into 18th century Scotland while on her second honeymoon. She meets this Scottish rebel and as usual love follows and etc. I have just started the book to be honest and so far it is has been quite a fascinating read.

Outlander poster
image courtesy:outlandertvnews.com

What really caught my eye though, apart from the lead Sam Heughan, (Hellooooo handsome!) was the cinematography.

I’ll travel through time for that!!
image courtesy: digitalspy

The series is set in the Scottish Highlands near Inverness, so you can well imagine the gorgeous countryside on display.In fact, do yourself a favour and just watch it for the opening credits, you will thank me I’m sure.The only thought that came into my head was “Must.Travel.To.Scotland”.

This makes me really wonder about the effect of films and tv shows on travel. I’m a huge sucker for this scenario. 10 times out of 10 while watching a movie with gorgeous sceneries, I’ll elbow Mr. D and excitedly whisper, “We have to go there!!!” so much so that these days all I have to do is give him a poke and he will resignedly nod his head in assent. Poor thing, most wives shop for clothes and shoes, his wife scans travel websites.. 😛 This whole travel where the movie takes you is is not a new phenomenon by any stretch of reason. Gaggles of Indians have been travelling to Switzerland for their own Yash-Chopra-heroine-in-thin-chiffon-saree-in-the-middle-of-a-snow-field-moment, frostbite be damned. In fact, for a long time, abroad for Indians meant only London, Paris, USA (New York, LA and Las Vegas only) and of course Switzerland. Then Raj met Simran (gag!) on the Euro-Rail and what followed was best described by Minisha Laamba in Bachna Aae Haseeno.

Gimme that jacket!! I’m freezing!!

This is what happens every single time I see Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, I go online, plan my dream Spanish vacation, realise that I would probably have to sell a kidney to get the money to go there, (at my current financial condition) and then binge eat my feelings away.

This is what happens every time I see Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara
image courtesy:replygifs.net

Thinking, “Ooooh So high fundu she is! Only talking about international locations!”? No no.. This happens in Indian locations as well. Chapora Fort for example, name sounds unfamiliar? How about Dil Chahta Hai Fort? You know, the one where all three of them are sitting on the ramparts of the fort and discussing life? I’m sure all of you must have wanted one vacation to Goa with your friends after watching that movie. Ladies, raise your hand if you’ve wanted to dance down the road to Rohtang Pass a la Geet from Jab We Met.

Forget driving!! I’m gonna dance to my destination!!

Not high enough? How about Ladakh? Where every Tom, Dick and Harry is headed to see the Ranchowala Lake aka Pangong Tso Lake? Don’t lie, I know you want to. Aunties and uncles, don’t be all “Tch! Tch! The young generation!” we all know your secret dream to be Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore in Kashmir Ki Kali.

The photo everybody wants to click in Goa
image courtesy:http://blog.pulkitanand.com

If you think this is restricted to Bollywood only, you’re very much mistaken. New Zealand saw a 50% rise in tourism post the release of the Lord of the Rings, yours truly included.

Come on in for a second breakfast!!
image courtesy:wikipedia.com

And Game of Thrones fans, where do you think you’re going? Special tours have been set up in Northern Ireland to showcase the locations where the shooting for the iconic series has taken place. People are swarming to Dubrovnik aka King’s Landing to relive their own version of the show, hopefully with happier endings than that those of the poor souls in King’s Landing though.

Lose your head… With excitement!!
image courtesy:wikipedia.com

This side of the puddle, Sherlock fans are lining up in front of Speedy’s Cafe to get their fix of the ear-hatted detective, myself included. Mr D is now so very much used to my wails of, “But we can’t spend on that! We need to save for London!!!!!” That being a house, yes, I’d rather go to London to see the shooting locations of a fictional tv show than buy house, go figure.

Dammit Sherlock! What have we said about being on the rooftop? Not today!

Movies, they not only entertain, but they also inspire your next vacation!! Yaaaay!! Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever watched a movie or a tv series and had this gut clenching feeling that you have to visit that place? Are you frustrated because people in your life are unable to understand why you’re drawn to a certain place? Let me know in the comments.

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